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A few icons, mostly Danny from Without a Trace. 8D

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I've been very bored, what can I say?

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These have been sitting around in my icons folder for quite awhile now. They're nothing particularly special, but I had to get rid of them eventually!

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24 July 2008 @ 10:40 pm

This is a bunch of large patterns from my ColorLovers account. Some were created using palettes I made, and some were made using palettes others made, but all of these patterns were made by me and me only. ...Well, not the designs themselves. THE, UH. COLOR ARRANGEMENT. D: YES. THAT.

...Anyway. I would suggest using these patterns as backgrounds for layouts, or something like that (I tagged them as wallpaper, and I'm currently using #02 as that on my computer :D). And because they don't match up enough to tile, I'd recommend using a "fixed" tag when using this as a background. Otherwise, it'll look all... segmented and weird and yeah. D:

All of them are 1280x719 (except for #11, which is 1280x718), so they're pretty good-sized! Just click on the thumbnail to see the full version. :)

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15 June 2008 @ 06:30 pm
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