april nineteen eighty-six

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PLEASE CREDIT Well, it's not mandatory for icons, but it's very highly appreciated. It's required for moodthemes, though. Those take forever to make. D: But whatever you do, DON'T CLAIM MY STUFF AS YOUR OWN. Here on LiveJournal, all credit for the things I make goes to aprileightysix, or galbadia. If you're over on GreatestJournal, you can either credit aprileightysix like normal — because it links back to here — or you can credit pornstache. For InsaneJournal, it's either aprileightysix or detective.

Need a visual on how to credit? I've got you covered!

DON'T ALTER Do not take my textless icons and change them them. D: They are not bases, unless I've specified otherwise. They're plain for a reason.

COMMENT I'd appreciate it if you comment and tell me what you're taking, though it's not mandatory. You can say numbers, what they are, names of characters... or, hell, "I took them all!" if that happens to be the case. ;D

DON'T HOTLINK Don't know what hotlinking is? Click HERE. If you take something of mine and decide to use it, upload it to your own server, please. It's not difficult. Painless, I assure you.

NO REQUESTS I don't do requests, except for good friends of mine. If you're not a friend of mine, and you ask me to make you something, I won't do it. Sorry, but that's just how it is.
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